2020 Christmas Season

ūüéĄūüéĄANNOUNCEMENT regarding the 2020 Christmas Season.ūüéĄūüéĄ

We are pleased to say we will be open for the 2020 Christmas seasons to cut your own tree and pre-cut Christmas Trees. We officially open on November 28th, 2020, at 9am.ūü•≥

We are committed to our customers’ health and safety and help reduce the spread of COVID-19 with all the necessary precautions.

We will still be offering wagon rides, scavenger hunts, free hot chocolate, use of saws, bailing of trees, and rope to tie onto your car. (Masks will be encouraged and 6 ft distance between families)

All services and activities will be available during the week as well.

We will NOT be serving hot dogs, sausages, or baked goods this year to further protect our customers and reduce the spread of COVID-19.

We have cut your own trees, all priced at $70.00
Fraser, Balsam and Canaan Fir (very limited)
Colorado Blue Spruce and White Spruce

Premium Pre-cut trees 7 – 10 ft – $70 and up (based on the tree’s size. We have an excellent selection of pre-cuts available of Balsam & Fraser Fir.

Hours of Operation
Tuesday – Friday: 11 am – 4pm
Saturday – Sunday: 9 am – 4 pm
Monday: CLOSED

Location: 45 Minute north of Toronto and 5 minutes from Newmarket- Located at Highway 48, 2nd driveway south of Davis Drive on the west side. Approx. 15 minutes north of Hwy 7.

Picking the perfect tree

Tree expert Don Macpherson gives tips on picking the perfect tree at Macpherson Tree Farm,

White Pine can be found at the Macpherson tree farm up the 10 feet. They have a wonderful fragrance which you can notice when you walk into a room and good needle retention

White spruce fragrance can be noticed when you walk into the house. They have a fair- good needle retention and can be found up to 10 feet.

Colorado blue spruce can be found up to 8.5 feet. They have a similar fragrance to white spruce and good needle retention. The needles are sharp and a great choice for real candles when freshly cut (extreme caution when using real candles)

Scots pine have fair to good needles retention – limited quantity up to 8 foot.

Fir (canaan), Baslsam fir: needle retention and fragrence good

Fraser fir: needle retention very good “the best”, fragrance fair to good.

Tips to Keep your Christmas Tree Fresh!

The best way to ensure the most beautiful Christmas tree is to cut your own from a local farm, or to have one cut for you. That guarantees freshness, and by going to a local tree farm you know it’s going to be sustainable, so trees will be replanted, and it will be a selective harvest.¬†
So you arrive at the tree farm. What now? 
You trample through the snow for a few hours while arguing with your family over the perfect tannanbaum. You sip hot chocolate by an open fire and take a wagon ride around the field, until you finally find the PERFECT Christmas Tree! 
Here are some tips from MacPherson’s Christmas Tree Farm to keep your tree fresh and healthy through the ho-ho-ho‚Äôs and into the new year!
1. If you plan on putting your tree up within 12 hours of cutting it,  it can go right into the stand with water. If you are planning on waiting longer than 12 hours, make sure to store your tree in a cool spot such as the garage. 
2. Once a tree is cut, the sap in the tree will start to seal over the base, and this will hinder the trees ability to absorb water. Just prior to bringing it into the house, saw off 1 to 1.5 inches from the bottom of the trunk to allow the tree to absorb water. 
3. Fill the tree stand with water ensuring the water level is at least 1 inch above the saw cut. An average size tree (6-7 feet) can drink litres of water in the first week so it is absolutely critical that the tree always has water. 
4. Christmas trees can stay indoors for approximately 4 weeks, however this will very depending on the moisture and heat inside your home. Your tree will last longer if it is away from heat sources such as wood stoves, fireplaces and heat registered, and make sure heat ducts around the tree are closed. 
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from all of us here at MacPherson’s Christmas Tree Farm!